Myanmar people and English written problems

Myanmar was one of the Asian countries which was high education system in the past, but after the military took power, every thing has been in the low including education system up to ow. Before the military rule in Myanmar, the students of Myanmar were very good good at English as well. However, Myanmar students nowadays are not good at English. Read more

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About Academic Listening – 2

Today we are going to study about academic listening part two. We will discuss about how to improve to be able to understand the lecture in the class room. If you don’t understand what the lecturer in the class, it’s a big problem for you. So, you should know how to solve this problem. In this part I’m going to give some tips of academic listening. Read more

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The Technique of Improving Spoken English Skills

Now I’m going to explain how English learners should try to improve English speaking skills. It’s very important for all English learners to know the technique of developing English speaking skills. Speaking skills is also very important for oral test of exam or job interview or other else.

When you practice English speaking skills, you should know some rules you had better be aware of it. Here, I will give nine tips of techniques as the following. Read more

About Academic Writing

Today let’s study about academic writing for college or university students. If you enter into the English speaking universities, you have to write many assignments, essays and reports for your studies. It’s very important for you to prepare for your writing before going to study at college or university. Read more

About Academic Reading

It’s time for studying academic reading for those who want to improve English. The field of academic reading is not, in fact, easy for all, especially for those whose mother languages are not English.

At English speaking colleges or universities, you are required to read many different types of books for your studies. The main problem that all non-English native speakers usually face with reading is the power and speed of reading much huge books. You may be given many different book lists, such as ten books or thirty books, etc. You have no much time to read all those books, but you must read them in very short times. Read more

About Academic Listening -1

Let’s think about academic listening skills in English. In fact, you will be excited as soon as hearing the word of academic. It’s not ONLY you. Every student will feel excited and anxious of academic listening, because it’s a specific field of learning at colleges or universities as well as the higher level of studies. OK! Don’t take serious about it. Read more

How to develop your writing skills

Today I’m going to explain you how to develop your writing skills in English. The art of writing is very difficult one for all learners. So you should know the important tips of writing. Before having started writing, you should understand that you need clear ideas how to present them to the readers. It’s very important for writer. It’s the secret of the art of writing. Read more

Improve your writing skills in English

When we talk about writing in English, I dare to say that it’s very difficult for English learners. Anyhow I would like to share how I tried to improve writing in English. First of all, as for me, I usually stared writing very basic sentences in English. For example, I started writing with Noun+Be+Noun formula. It’s like – ” I am a student. She is a student.
Su Su is a nurse. They are actors. etc.” Read more

The Way of English Listening Skills

Listening skills in English is very hard one to practice for English learner who live in no-English speaking countries. So when we meet native speakers and when we communicate with native speakers, it’s very difficult for us to understand clearly.

At first you should understand that you are not ALONE who face the problems about listening skills. In daily life, native speakers usually use slang and idioms to have conversation among the friends. So the most important things are to listen to radio program or to watch TV channels in English or to watch English movie. Read more

Read short and easy moral or inspiration stories

Reading is one of the tools which is very vital for all who are studying English. According to my experience, I used to read short and easy moral or inspiration stories – such as Aesop fables, the Jataka stories of Buddhism, and so forth.

Nowadays we can find many short and easy stories books on the book stores in many shop even in the supper market. We can also find such stories online easily. When you read the stories, you should read them to the end without looking for new words which are unknown. Read more