If I had a lot of money

If I had a lot of money, I would be a very rich man. My friends would think high of me and respect me. So I would be very proud and happy. As money can buy many things, I would be able to do many things. But I would be careful to make myself and my money safe first. So I would put money in a reliable bank. If I put one hundred million kyats in the bank, I would get then million kyats as interest every year. This would be enough money for me to spend throughout my life. Then my sons and daughters as well as my grandchildren and great grandchildren would also have enough money to live happily throughout their lives.

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How to expand English Vocabulary

Learning is endless, so we must learn everyday in our daily life. When you study English, you may be face the problems of lack of English vocabulary. How to try to expand English vocabulary is the question all English learners usually ask to the teachers.

If we don’t have enough vocabulary, it makes us problems to write easy or article or paragraph or to read and to speak English.  Here, I’m going to give some steps how to do to be rich in English vocabulary. Continue reading

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A Day I Shall Never Forget

November, 28th 2009 is a day I shall never forget for the rest of my life. It was the day when a big fire broke out in my ward and razed 1500 houses. The day started quite peacefully. The sun was shining brightly, the weather was getting cooler. I went to school with freshness in spirit as well as in physique for it was the first day of the week.
I got back home around 12:15 P.M. After having a quick lunch and as I was about to go to my tuition classes, there were shouts calling “Fire! Fire!” in the neighborhood. Continue reading

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobie Phones

The twenty-first century is indeed “the electronic age”. We have seen the inventions of various electronic devices which make life more comfortable, acquiring knowledge easier, communication quicker and entertainment more accessible. The most ubiquitous of the electronic gadgets is the mobile phone. With cheap SIM cards available all over Myanmar,we now see almost every one using mobile phones in towns as well as in the villages. As it is a novelty in our country, young people, especially students love to use it all the time. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of using mobile phones. Continue reading

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Myanmar people and English written problems

Myanmar was one of the Asian countries which was high education system in the past, but after the military took power, every thing has been in the low including education system up to ow. Before the military rule in Myanmar, the students of Myanmar were very good good at English as well. However, Myanmar students nowadays are not good at English. Continue reading

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About Academic Listening – 2

Today we are going to study about academic listening part two. We will discuss about how to improve to be able to understand the lecture in the class room. If you don’t understand what the lecturer in the class, it’s a big problem for you. So, you should know how to solve this problem. In this part I’m going to give some tips of academic listening. Continue reading

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The Technique of Improving Spoken English Skills

Now I’m going to explain how English learners should try to improve English speaking skills. It’s very important for all English learners to know the technique of developing English speaking skills. Speaking skills is also very important for oral test of exam or job interview or other else.

When you practice English speaking skills, you should know some rules you had better be aware of it. Here, I will give nine tips of techniques as the following. Continue reading

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About Academic Writing

Today let’s study about academic writing for college or university students. If you enter into the English speaking universities, you have to write many assignments, essays and reports for your studies. It’s very important for you to prepare for your writing before going to study at college or university. Continue reading

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About Academic Reading

It’s time for studying academic reading for those who want to improve English. The field of academic reading is not, in fact, easy for all, especially for those whose mother languages are not English.

At English speaking colleges or universities, you are required to read many different types of books for your studies. The main problem that all non-English native speakers usually face with reading is the power and speed of reading much huge books. You may be given many different book lists, such as ten books or thirty books, etc. You have no much time to read all those books, but you must read them in very short times. Continue reading

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About Academic Listening -1

Let’s think about academic listening skills in English. In fact, you will be excited as soon as hearing the word of academic. It’s not ONLY you. Every student will feel excited and anxious of academic listening, because it’s a specific field of learning at colleges or universities as well as the higher level of studies. OK! Don’t take serious about it. Continue reading

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